Saturday, September 6, 2008

Google Page Rank

Google Page Rank

What is PageRank?

Page Rank is one of the mathematical methods Google uses to determine a web page’s relevancy or importance. In other words, it determines the probability of finding a page by randomly surfing the web. Actually it is numeric value of importance of a web page between 0 and more than 2 billion.

Difference between ‘Real’ PR and Toolbar PR

The Google Toolbar displays an exponential approximation of real PR.

Each move up on the Toolbar PR means Ten times increase in Actual PR which is decided by Google internally and is never disclosed.

Toolbar PR

Actual PR


0 – 0.25


0.25 – 2.5


2.5 – 25


25 - 250


250 – 2500

And so on….

We don’t need to know ‘Real’ PR

PR is a competition.

We need more than our competitors.

This way, even ‘Real’ PR is relative.

PageRank Formula

PR(u) = (1-d) + d* SUM(PR(v)/N(v)))

u = Linked Page

v = Linking Page

N(v) = Number of outbound link on v

d = Damping factor, normally set to 0.85


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