Friday, October 30, 2009

Google Page Rank update on 29th Oct

Keep in mind there is nothing long-established, but several people started to notice changes both in PageRank and backlinks count numbers.

One of my sites apparently gained PR as well. casino went from a PR0 to a PR2.

I tried to check on Google’s data centers but most of them are behave peculiarly (treatment a PR0 even for recognized websites). One tool that appears to be working is this one.

No one was expecting such an early PageRank update in 2008. The last one, as you possibly can keep in mind, happened late in October and it created a lot of buzzing due to a new policy that Google decided to adopt towards websites that were selling text links without the nofollow tag.

Have you noticed any changes at your web sites?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SEO tips for online retailers

SEO for online retailers is the method of improving a website prospective in order to expand more organic non-paid traffic from the fore most search engines. Normally, SEO support doesn't happen during the night and it can take a long while to rank well for non brand key expressions.

The rule of thumb is this: the more contests a comparative term has, the harder you'll find it to rank for the term. With that said, you have got to start anywhere and there at least ways I can think of to develop your SEO.

Choose your hosting provider watchfully

A > If you are target one specific region, say the USA, ensure that the physical IP address is country specific which will improve the possibility of ranking in the USA

B > Always choose for a set IP address even if it costs slightly more

C > Run an IP address search to ensure the IP address has not been black listed before. Domain Tools are an outstanding resource for quick IP address lookup

D > Ensure the server returns correct reply:

  • 200 OK the request has succeed - As an example you should see this server reply for your landing page (
  • 301 Moved Permanently - As an example you should see this server response for your non www version of your landing page (
  • 302 Found - Use this server response only if you are redirect temporary
  • 404 Not Found - Always display a correct 404 response so you can get a suggestion when a page is broken for better user knowledge.

Increase crawl rates because you can never get enough of Google

E > To check when your site was last crawled and indexed, search for and play with “date range” advanced search option.

F > Update the site's content as often as possible. For online retailer, new promotions and offers propose a incredible opening to update their content.

G > Ensure pages are loading speedily by analyzing your code, content and images. Web Page Analyzer is an outstanding source to analyze a page load time.

H > Fix duplicate content issue such as having two version of your landing page, for example and

I > Add an XML site map and submit it to the major search engines

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

What is Spamming as per SEO respect

As a qualified SEO service provider of India Animesh is offering the in turn about spam terms. Spam is the terms which is generally used when you develop an e business website. Search Engine spiders don’t like spasm website and the cause of this spam site goes losing and losing in the search engine ranking as well as may be banned your website. For preventing the spam of your website you must avoid these terms:

* avoid door mode pages

* avoid redirection

* avoid clocking

* avoid hidden links at pages

* avoid hidden text in the pages

* avoid keywords stuffing on the pages

* avoid page stuffed by worthlessness keywords

* avoid duplicate content in Web site.

* avoid unrelated links at your link pages.

* avoid intentional misspelling in your page content.

If you are follows these steps than you will definitely achieve good position in all search engine.