Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SEO tips for online retailers

SEO for online retailers is the method of improving a website prospective in order to expand more organic non-paid traffic from the fore most search engines. Normally, SEO support doesn't happen during the night and it can take a long while to rank well for non brand key expressions.

The rule of thumb is this: the more contests a comparative term has, the harder you'll find it to rank for the term. With that said, you have got to start anywhere and there at least ways I can think of to develop your SEO.

Choose your hosting provider watchfully

A > If you are target one specific region, say the USA, ensure that the physical IP address is country specific which will improve the possibility of ranking in the USA

B > Always choose for a set IP address even if it costs slightly more

C > Run an IP address search to ensure the IP address has not been black listed before. Domain Tools are an outstanding resource for quick IP address lookup

D > Ensure the server returns correct reply:

  • 200 OK the request has succeed - As an example you should see this server reply for your landing page (
  • 301 Moved Permanently - As an example you should see this server response for your non www version of your landing page (
  • 302 Found - Use this server response only if you are redirect temporary
  • 404 Not Found - Always display a correct 404 response so you can get a suggestion when a page is broken for better user knowledge.

Increase crawl rates because you can never get enough of Google

E > To check when your site was last crawled and indexed, search for and play with “date range” advanced search option.

F > Update the site's content as often as possible. For online retailer, new promotions and offers propose a incredible opening to update their content.

G > Ensure pages are loading speedily by analyzing your code, content and images. Web Page Analyzer is an outstanding source to analyze a page load time.

H > Fix duplicate content issue such as having two version of your landing page, for example and

I > Add an XML site map and submit it to the major search engines

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