Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Apply essential URL and coding tweaks

The most useful method is discussed are follows:

1. Use robot.txt to block parts of the site you don't longing the engines to index

2. Offer an HTML site map which is auto updated based on the XML site map and connects with your site.

3. For sites running on PHP use an .htaccess file to avoid content repetition and for permanent / temporal redirection.

4. Use breadcrumbs navigation across the site for improved user knowledge and SEO respect.

5. From time to time, analysis your site using a text browser such as SEO Browser to "observe" how spiders are likely to find your on page content .

6. If your site structural design has more than three levels, reorganize it so to make the information more reachable to both users and spiders.

7. Remain URLs short for improved SEO and to create a better viral result as short URLs are more impressive.

8. Include your key phases such as a product title with the URL

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