Monday, November 2, 2009

image optimization - and traffic from Google image search

Ensure image optimization across the site to enjoy traffic from Google image search

1. > Keep images on a folder level somewhat than a sub domain so is improved than

2. > Use a descriptive name for the image, such as the product name

3. > Use alt tag for all your images and use a descriptive name again for the image alt text name

4. > Use header by placing a small description in a straight line under, on top or on the side of your image

5. > When possible save the image as .jpg format

6. > Use a free tool find images with no alt text at page.

Ensure metadata optimization to get high level of qualified traffic

1. > Ensure that every page has unique metadata in terms of page title and page description.

2. > Limited page title should be 70 characters and page description to 150 to 170 characters.

3. > Do not bother too much keywords, do something else for pages.

4. > Optimize each page around 3 to 4 key phases.

5. > Place the main term first, followed by a non spammy call to action and brand by Google.

6. > For product pages, opt for an auto generate metadata clarification based on + at

7. Use AdWords ads to test the best text for better CTR by creating a few ad variations in AdWords which include your key term

Content is truly king

8. Every page should have unique content which reads well for users (and therefore for the search engine spiders as well)

9. Don't repeat the key term 2 to 3 times so to avoid keyword stuffing

10. Place the key term in the page H1 tag title, image alt text and once in bold

11. Use "recommended products" to link between similar products to increase their relevancy.

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