Thursday, February 25, 2010

Google Starting Indexing Facebook Pages Updates

FaceBook and Google has not yet announced this officially, some persons are exposure that status updates from FaceBook pages will start viewing up on Google search results today.
And so the race to happen to a real time search engine is opening to warm up. Google of course was forward of the game as it included Twitter updates to search results near the beginning December last year. While recently, it has also started incorporating MySpace status updates.Of course, this comes hot on the heels of Yahoo’s statement of their content sharing transaction with Twitter.
But while Google’s compact with Twitter and MySpace includes status updates of members, the deal with Facebook is limited only to status updates of Facebook pages. Of course this is reasonable since Facebook has a much closer ties with Microsoft Bing.
And in case you’re not aware Facebook pages are generally accounts used for marketing and promotion purposes of purchaser brands so, there’s really not much real time in this observe since those Facebook pages are rarely updated after all.
Makes me marvelous right now, as to when Google will integrate updates coming from Google Buzz to search results. Although I’m not really hoping that they would.
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