Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Google, Will Launch an Online Apps Store

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google is preparing its online apps store, with the hopes of giving its Google Apps business some much need point as well as to permit Google to support its ties with business partners. The new online store will not only push Google’s group of business apps, but business software of its partners as well
The said online apps store if really true will any complement Google’s present solutions marketplace or completely replace it. This marketplace presently serves as an online repository of different add-ons, tools and support for Google Apps users. The new online apps store will strengthen Google’s tie-up with partners in delivering software/application solutions to users.
So, how does Google earn from advertising its partners’ products? – By taking a slice off the sales from customers who will be permitted to directly purchase the software from the online apps store. Google will also share some revenue to software developers. And to make this method appealing to consumers, Google is allowing them to fast access their purchase apps by providing a menu at the top of their screens which will appear within Gmail or Google Docs.
While full details may still be rough at this time, it is clear that Google is not only competing against Microsoft’s Enterprise Solutions business but with other online apps store as well such as Apple and Sales force App Exchange.
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