Tuesday, February 9, 2010

How to Increase the Potential of Your Article

Many people after they write an article sometimes assume to just fire it off through a distribution service and call it a day. The truth is that there are still many ways you can leverage and promote an article so that it can help deliver much more exposure than just pushing it through a distribution system.

Here are some other ways you can market that article for your business:

1. Industry Related Forums – Forums are usually places for people to come and learn. As long as you article does not have any self promotion in it most forums won’t mind if you start a new thread and title it as the title of your resource. If the article is decent you will get not only a nice amount of responses but also heaping amounts of the most targeted traffic you can get your hands on.

2. Online and Local Business Profiles – Did you spend anytime launching profiles? Some of those profiles come with places you can drop off an article as a blog post. The blogs might not be the best but they are just another place you can leave your business finger print with your article. Websites like Merchant Circle offer each business profile with a free blog. I have seen some these blog posts actually ranking in search results so it wouldn’t hurt to drop that article in there when you are looking for new places for exposure.

3. Top Industry Blogs – Some of you biggest industry leading blogs like to have a generous amount of guest writers on staff. Apply to be a guest writer at all your industry blogs. If your application is accepted go ahead and drop your article as a guest blog. This will generate some decent results for your business.

4. Social Networking Websites – Once you have your article published somewhere you can help drive new traffic to that article by promoting it in all your social networks. Drop the link in your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn feed and watch your website visitor traffic increase nicely.

It all comes down to leveraging your articles. Pushing them through a distribution service is only the first step. By adding these additional steps you can really drive some nice targeted traffic to your website. If you put a campaign together and repeat this step through out a 12 month time frame you will see a significant spike in not only traffic but potential new clients and customers.
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