Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Search Engine Crawler Advantage and Disadvantage - Using Noindex and Nofollow

I have found a big issue with the exmple.com site.
The web site builder add meta header with robots content='noindex,nofollow
and use rel="nofollow" attribute with all internal links.
The meta tags are in the header of a web page, that is, between the head tags.
There are some webmasters out there that use the meta tag ROBOTS content = NOINDEX,NOFOLLOW on their links page or directory.
This means that search engine robots will not index (NOINDEX) or follow (NOFOLLOW) the links on that page.
The use of meta ROBOTS content= NOINDEX ,NOFOLLOW is most commonly seen during link exchanges
where webmasters try to retain their PageRank by instructing search engine robots not to index or follow their links pages or links directory.
Only one page show at google and the site not cached
As per seo respect home page allways need to used I recently saw a high-profile sites not returned in Google because they have a NOINDEX meta tag.
So Guys make sense about 'robots' content='noindex,nofollow' tag then use with your sites.
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