Thursday, May 27, 2010

Article Submission Benefit SEO Perspective

From the beginning we have heard the myth "Content is King". Very good and quality content just attracts a lot of traffics towards in your website and thus you gain a lot of potential visitors from organic search results. Article is a brilliant platform to gain the qualitative as well as quantitative customers (traffic in the sense here for SEO) for your business thus by improving your business's presence strongly on the web. When you write an article based on the particular topic for your business you definitely have some good objective. The article contains a "body" section where you elaborately describe your business topic. Here you may or may not add links which would pointing out to your business (in most of the cases the body content links are not preferred by the article community members).

Another vital portion is the "author bio" box where you can easily put 2 links through the targeted keywords or key phrases of your potential business. When your article would be approved by the article admin, it indicates that you have placed 2 potential links for your business site and visitors if find interesting content may easily click the links to see the site and it increases the CTR of your site also.

For Example Please check the following link:

Article marketing affects traffic on any site and increases the link density as well as search engine listing. It help one to optimize one’s web page.All of the above links provide an avenue through which readers can access your website as an information provider hence increasing the rank votes of your web page. Also article affluence viral marketing by spreading it on other information providing channels through source -> node or parent -> child structure.

If you get 100 approved article links for your targeted business, there is a huge probability of spreading your articles in another 400 sites withing 4-5 months and this spreading is gradual, no search engine suspicion will occur in this case and search engine will definitely give high importance to your article and you definitely have a stronger web presence for your business.

Quality article sites also give your business a boost by assuring strong backlinks and thus it would gain domain trust for your business.

So, article submission is really useful to vastly improve your business.

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