Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Online Video Marketing Tips and Guidelines for Video Optimization

We all have seen the research that has been pouring out all over the internet with regard to the growing popularity of online video content. Internet users are overshadowing online video content at a rate greater than previously predicted. And, consumers all over are knowledge to produce and share online video content. Video can often be a more effective means for a producer to get a message across than typical offline or online content. In order to take advantage of the opportunity that exists today with regard to online video, one must learn the internet video marketing tips and techniques that can be used to allow for greater discoverability of online content - this is called Video SEO or video search engine optimization.

1) All SEO professionals know that the search engines are built to crawl and rank text. Since that it is more difficult for the search engines to appreciate the content within a video (though they are improving on this feature), it is a good idea to include as much text apart from the video itself if possible. One awesome way to do this is to incorporate a text transcript of your video with your video with keyword rich title and descriptions.

2) Remember that when users search for videos on online search engines, frequently they use the word "video" within their search. For instance, "car racing video." Therefore apart from the keywords that you are going to target, be sure to add the word "video" or "videos" in your description, text, title, meta data, etc...
3) Off-page SEO, or, the procedures that one uses apart from the actual coding of the site itself (links, etc...), is just as useful for online video content as with any other webpage. Therefore, get yourbest people working to build inbound links to your videos with the targeted keywords that in the anchor text of such back links.

4) Video sitemaps are an efficient way for you to inform the search engines where all of your video content is built into. With video sitemaps, you make it quite easy for search engines to locate and index your online video in a quick fashion.

5) When hosting original video content, keep in mind that flash is almost impossible for search engines to index or understand. Try to develop a format that is not flash. However, the easiest way to incorporate video on your site is through the popular flash players. However, try to take advantage of the other tips for SEO as search engines can easily comprehend what the video is about.

6) Keep a keyword responsive URL structure that uses some of your main keywords in the URL string. Take for instance - is way better than

7) Most importantly, I have understood that the thumbnail that you opt for, for your video, is one of the most crucial factors in terms of amount of hits it generates. Keeping that in mind, try to experiment with a number of thumbnails until you have a flawless idea about which images garner the most views from the potential audience you are intending to target.

8) If you are hosting videos on your own website, use the sitemap that we referred to earlier and keep all of the videos in one common directory folder so that the search engines can have no problem in locating all of them you are intending to publish.
In addition to the precise optimization techniques mentioned above, make sure that you also follow these popular guidelines for online video content:

9) Keyword research, for search engine optimization for other online content, is critical for targeting the audience you want to impact the most. Use keyword research tools provided online or elsewhere to locate those words that have the highest search volume for related content on the web.

10) Enable ratings, comments, reviews and user-response on your videos. Research shows videos which allow viewers to provide feedback have greater audience numbers, especially from users that are more prone to act – to buy or to choose the recommended option.
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