Monday, September 13, 2010

How can I use Google Insights for Search

The examples below display case some special ways of using Google Insights for Search. Whether you’re an marketing agency, a small business owner, a international firm, or an educational researcher, Insights for Search can help you estimate importance in significant search terms.

Choosing advertising messages

Insights can help you establish which messages resonate best. For example, an vehicle maker may be hesitant of whether it should highlight fuel efficiency, safety, or engine performance to market a new car model.

When the three features are entered into Insights, we can see that there's a extensive amount of interest in car safety. With this information, the maker may want to think incorporating car safety into its advertising plan.

Examining seasonality

Insights can be used to establish seas

onality. For example, a ski resort may want to find out when people search for ski-related terms most often. The results are fairly dependable during the years: interest picks up in August and peaks in December and January. With this information, the ski resort can expect claim and make knowledgeable decision about the proper distribution of everything from its promotion plan to staffing to resort resources.

Entering new markets

Insights can be useful in shaping a new marketplace. A wine dispenser may be looking to expand into new markets. By entering in wine + vino, and comparing the data crossways various countries, such as Argentina, Mexico, Spain, and Venezuela, the distributor can get a sense of where significance is more established.

The ensuing graph indicates better interest in Spain and Argentina. Choosing Spain, for example, the distributor can study the sub regions and believe centralizing allocation in the La Rioja region, where interest appears to be the highest.