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Criterion Off Page SEO

Criterion Off Page SEO: Do not forget the backlinks, anchor text, netlinking all this in the same field or similar.

The Accommodation

It is recommended for hosting a website to have a server dedicated to his name than choosing a shared server.

Large risks await you if you take a shared server, the presence of a website that intends to spam while your website grows serenely without technical seo spam or dark.

You can tracker the IP of your website or third party, do a search of the IP on the search engines then enter the IP address on the site, you will get the necessary information if the website in question or not spam.


According to the language or area of ​​activity, the host will be located in the corresponding country based on these criteria, it is a form of geolocation.


Delays in shipments.

Avoid shared hosting.

The image is involved in the technical optimization seo, it is an essential element of SEO optimization so the tag "alt" must be optimal.

The image provides alternative content in organic SEO, especially as the images appear in search engines such as Google Image.

The image also has a second impact on the visibility, which can be user, customers or visitors, we like to have a visual image that represents the item in question since it is intuitive and it encourages them to visit the website.

To say that the image does matter in the criteria for SEO, Google gives importance to friendly seo-optimized images, one can speak of VisualRank for images, a simple adaptation of Google's PageRank.


It is advisable to put the "alt" attribute that will add a description to the image with keywords.

Always follow this procedure to insert an image of

Always give her image with relevant keywords separated by dashes

The External Links

External links are also very important for SEO, the wording of the anchors of links play a vital role in the ranking of the web page for a given query on a search engine.

This optimization criterion off-page is taken into account to increase your visibility and credibility to other websites and internet. This method Seo-Friendly is used without too much spamming links anchors.


It is advisable to have external links with a good PageRank to increase your visibility and positioning.

The optimal format of the link should be like this this The optimal keywords for the site


Avoid web pages with many links, this is often called the "link farms".

Having links unrelated to the theme of the website. Always be complementary or in the same field without being competitive.

Use the attribute "no follow" in the web links will not increase the PageRank, because the search engine will not take into account external links and therefore no reciprocity between websites.

Always check for its links with its partners and find that they are not broken links.

The Inbound says "Backlinks"

Backlinks are the web links pointing to other websites or web pages. With the return link, we can measure the importance of the popularity of the website and quantified the number of backlinks.


Be present in the DMOZ directory and web directories with high PageRank and more important.

Get backlins websites, establish a real partnership and not a simple link exchange that does not bring anything to the website.


Avoiding massive automated registrations on the website directories or low PageRank which increases suddenly backlinks.

Avoid putting the same titles and descriptions of the same website to directories, writing titles and descriptions for each different theme.

Avoid having backlinks from websites blacklisted by search engines or by satellite pages.

Avoid buying links to boost web site traffic.

The domain NDD

The NDD or Domain Name is also an essential criterion to criterion off page. It is classified as a criterion of relevance and ranking by search engines.

The choice of the NDD must be considered and appropriate to the website, the domain name strategy complements a web seo off page titles, text and links.

The web page will present an appropriate content with the domain name will be quality, a domain name with a URL optimized for maximum three keywords separated by a hyphen improved positioning of the web page with a web content written so as optimal for SEO.


The domain name should be descriptive and contain the keywords of the theme of the website.

The extension of the domain name in the country where the location slightly favors the website, a French site for an extension. Fr extension. Be for a Belgian site.


Avoid domain names too long.

Avoid cybersquatting domain name and then resell or illegal competition.

The structure of a website

The structure of a website can be represented by a giant tree in which thousands of branches that grow to produce fruit.

The sitemap of a website is a key element for indexing web. You can put the commands necessary to tell the spider and crawler indexed the files or not.

It also displays the structure of the website and group them by theme, in this case we speak of rubriquages​​.


Include a robots.txt file to facilitate the indexing of the website.

Create an XML sitemap for website structure.

Integrate an RSS feed in the source code of the website.

Hierarchical way of organizing data page -> tutorial, tutorial -> referencing.

Create a website with a specific theme, not from a messy mixing several themes.

Creating breadcrumbs said "railroad" or "tail breadcrumbs" that allows the user to better identify and assemble more easily to the main headings.

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