Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Google Penguin: why did he found the high and dry?

He is black and white. His name starts with a P. You're more likely to encounter on the street than Google. No it is not the Panda but the Penguin Google.

On our screens since April 25 last, the arrival of the new algorithm Google is a little past unnoticed ... To believe that the penguin is less frightening than the panda. At Insitaction, we wanted to know why Google Penguin has so quickly found underwater.
Google Penguin: less frightening than the Panda?
For those not familiar, Google Penguin is the new Google algorithm . Its mission? Penalize (and kicked out of the ice) the Black hat , as the sites practices  SEO malicious. Why? To provide users with search results more relevant still.

If your site includes
·         of  irrelevant links (eg link "health insurance" in the blog Insitaction )
·         of backlinks purchased
·         too many backlinks with the same anchor (text description) ...
expect to see him lose places in the great Google ranking.
While its predecessor, Google Panda hunted duplicate content on the web, Google Penguin it deals mostly backlinks (links and false) .
Why Google Penguin has happened to the hatch?
Google Panda , everyone was talking about. All bloggers had feared. All web editors wanted to challenge him.  Google Penguin , it passes almost unnoticed. Why?

1. The updates to the Google algorithm have become so frequent that no one wants to talk. Knowing that there are a hundred a year, the topic quickly became tiresome (not to be vulgar). So bloggers are talking about only when the updates are really worth. Does  Google Penguin is not worth the trouble? Do not be so sure.

It's just that his time in France was less destructive than the passage of his predecessor Panda. In neighboring countries by cons, and particularly in England, some sites have not been able to stay long on the ice (in the top 10 Google ). Circulate a petition to England even for Google to reconsider its decision and cancels this last update.

2. Another idea: some bloggers like to say that the updates to Google's algorithm are merely ploys to highlight the site "partners" in Google and exclude others. Following the passage of Panda, some rumors even say that  Google is losing manually tickets to certain large sites to give more seats to their favorite sites, in the first pages. Considered by some as "subjective algorithms", why pay attention?

The guide of good SEO Google

To all those who do not want to rub Penguin , know that Google has posted the  guide of good SEO .

For Google there are two types of SEO: SEO good and bad SEO .
The good SEOs , the impeccable behavior, are called the "  White hat ". Bad, deviant, are called the "  Black hat ". Not to switch to the dark side of force, avoid:

·         the use of hidden links
·         the use of mirror sites
·         the hype of keywords
·         the duplication of content

And be sure to follow the law Google (see Manual of good SEO).
If despite this, your site is found still ejected from the ice, you can express your dismay at Google. It will reassess your position. If instead you realize that your neighbor, obscure practices, was not caught, you can terminate it via a platform created by Google (motto: "  Together fight the evil! ", the word betrayal is also acceptable).

Beneficial or not, the arrival of this new algorithm Penguin gives us just want to discover what the next furry companion of Google (and incidentally it will change on the canvas).